Leader Kicking USA

Video Editing Project


Lee Murray

7/19/20231 min read


Leader Kicking is one of MURR Media's biggest clients. Leader Kicking identifies and nurtures gifted kickers from various sports, channeling their potential towards American Football. Leader Kicking diligently places these skilled athletes on teams throughout Ireland, while also securing scholarships for them to pursue college football and academic opportunities in the USA.

The Story behind the video

Tadhg from Leader Kicking recently brought two prominent athletes; Ross Bolger & Ronan Patterson on a 10 day multi state trip around the USA where they visited 5 different colleges and competed for scholarships. By the end of the trip there were multiple scholarship offers on the table! Ross accepted an offer to attend Idaho State University on a D1 Scholarship as a kicker and punter. Ronan won a D1 scholarship from Monmouth university in New Jersey and will be their kicker.

Unable to travel myself, Tyler White joined the group on the trip and captured some fantastic content. I feel as if I experienced the trip vicariously through Tylers Footage as I watched all of it in order to come up with the edit!

The Edit

The goal of this edit was to keep the video short and have it exciting! Initially the edit began with a clip of Tadhg, Ross and Ronan talking about the upcoming trip but this was later removed as I felt it took away from the 'flow' of the video. Instead some extra context was added in the form of text and then the video builds up until it drops and a montage of footage is played. There were 4/5 versions each with a few changes, the film reel at the beginning was one of the later editions that came to my mind randomly! I'm very happy with the outcome and more importantly Tadhg from Leader Kicking was thrilled!

Check out the Edit below